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Honk Honk

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jazz Bands

We had a Jazz band come to our school recently.  They were AMAZING!  And the best part of it was that before they came our principal made comments like these!...

"I am not about to let some blonde haired blue eyed kids teach our students about Jazz music!"
"We need to teach them that Jazz was invented by our people, not YOUR people, but MY people and the students people"
"It's bad enough that they have to sit and look at all of your white faces teaching them everyday!" (Funny thing about this comment, I am maybe 1 of 3 "white" teachers, the rest are a nice diverse mix, yet somehow we all got chunked into the "white" category.
"My kids even tell me, Mom, music doesn't have a color, but I don't care!"

Oh my...we didn't have a huge lesson over the invention of Jazz, and guess what?  EVERY single one of our students LOVED the concert they held for us!  No matter what color they were!  Sometimes I just can't believe the things that comes out of my principal's mouth! 

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