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Monday, June 7, 2010

Squirrels (AKA teachers)

Squirrels like to horde stuff.  Sure they are sometimes cute and lovable animals...like the one we fed marshmallows to while I was camping with friends.  However, the problem with squirrels is that they just can't stop hording stuff!  They would never throw something out, and as soon as they see a sign that says "free nuts" they go crazy and take as many nuts as they can hold!

Some teachers are like squirrels.  They horde as much stuff as they possibly can and never get rid of it! I totally understand some of that mentality because you never know if you are going to teach a certain grade again or not, so you keep all of your boxes from the grades you've taught.  Why reinvent the wheel every time you change grade levels?  I get it...even my husband can attest to the multiple teaching boxes in our attic.

What really boggles my mind though are the teachers who just can't get rid of anything!  Don't they ever think about the poor teachers who have to move into their classroom the next year?  I am currently one of those teachers that had to come into a classroom where the previous teacher was a cute bushy tailed squirrel!  It's taken me all year to clean out the mounds of "nuts" that was in there.  Who really needs to save report cards from 2002?  As the school year is winding down and I am having to do the final stages of cleaning and organizing in order to check out for the year, I am vowing that I will not leave it a horrible mess for the next teacher in there.  Even if that means that I have to clean out all the garbage from the last squirrel (I mean teacher).  I will not be a squirrel!

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Karen said...

Lisa, I loved this blog. I remember cleaning out the house after many years of having children. I really was ready to clean out yesterday so that I could get on with tomorrow. Our kids really don't want all that stuff...

AFter making umpteen trips to goodwill, I saw a woman going into a department store with her bag. I wanted to shout - NO - don't do it! You'll be taking it to goodwill in just a short time! Save yourself!!

I am NOT a squirrel! Less is more! This is what I teach my kids.