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Monday, June 7, 2010

I will never...

As a teacher I hereby vow to NEVER do the following when I am a parent...

1.  Show up to school wearing my pajamas, or my robe (especially at 3pm)
2.  Wear my slippers to pick up my kid
3.  Always believe that my child could NEVER do anything naughty
4.  Give my kid some weird spelling of their name that no one can pronounce
5.  Put a hypen in my kids first name (not to seperate the first and middle, but just in the first name alone)
6.  Call the school and interrupt the classroom everyday just to tell my kid to walk home
7.  Tell the school I will come pick up my sick child, or when my kid is suspended, and then never show up
8.  Tell my child's teacher in May that since my kid acted out they can plan on Christmas being cancelled (especially when I know the teacher would know that no one would ever follow through with that threat!)
9.  Let my kid sit at home playing video games all day because they were suspended from school
10.  Name my kid some jacked up name that they will despise for the rest of their lives such as La-a (pronounced La-dash-uh)
11.  Tell my child that if someone talks smack to you, you should hit 'em

1 comment:

Jen said...

Oh the memories. I had some parents like that for a few of my students. I thought some of my kids had unfortunate names, but La-a takes the cake!