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Monday, April 19, 2010

Baby Names

Most teachers will probably tell you that they have a bigger list of baby names that they could NEVER name their children, then is their list of names they could actually use.  And then sadly, the list of "good" names is always changing because every year you get a new class and a whole new set of kids that could ruin a name for you.  I fear the day that my favorite baby names shows up on my class list.  So far, I have been safe.

The one name I have found to be a common name a teacher could never name their child is Michael.  Don't ask me what it is what that name, but EVERY Michael I have had, and I've had a good handful, has been a terror.  But I'm not the only teacher who's said that.  Even my Mother who taught 30 years ago recalls stories of how the teachers before the school started would look at their list and based on the number of Michael's they had in their class, they would be able to determine how good their year was going to be.  Or how bad.  So what is it about that name?

In truth though, there are 2 names that I have actually thought, I really like that name, and just might name my own children that some day.  Only time will tell!

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