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Honk Honk

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sayings that make them smile every time!

I like to discipline with a little humor.  When kids are doing minor things that they aren't really thinking about, I have found that putting a little humor into it not only makes the kids smile, but helps stop the behaviors, or at least temporarily tame them...without them feeling stupid.  Here are some of my favorite things you will often hear coming out of my mouth in my classroom...

Things I say on a regular basis:
- Unless you're a camel, you have no need to spit
- This is not American Idol, please keep your songs to yourself
- Until you see a big sign outside the classroom saying "Tattoo Parlor" you do not draw on yourself
- I didn't realize we were having tryouts for "so you think you can dance" today
- You are not a dog, so don't bark like one (yes I have a barker in my classroom)
- Excuse me, can you tell me who this hoodlum is sitting next to you?  I don't recognize them.  (Said about a child that is wearing their hood in the classroom)

Things I think, but thankfully haven't accidently said out loud (not yet at least):
- You are not a stripper, get off the pole
- The poles are not for dancing
- Pull up your shirt, you're not a prostitute

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