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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Letters to the Teacher

I love getting letters or notes from my students.  They tend to either put a smile on my face, or crack me up.  Here is one I thought was particularly sweet.  This girl tried to disguise her identity by writing on the front of the card...

To: Mrs. J  
From: Dee? or Deb?
hope you get this right Mrs. J

I found it particularly entertaining that the mysterious student who wrote the note (which was a dead give away from her handwriting anyway) continuously asked me for the next several days if I found a surprise on my desk.  (My desk often gets messy and it took a few days to dig through the rubble to find the gold).  Here is what was inside my card...spelling as student wrote it of course...

Dear, Mrs. J (I must note she also spelled my very phonetically sound last name incorrectly)
I thank you for every thing you do I think you do just fine.  You husbend shoud be greatfull your his wife.  

(she only signed D because I was of course supposed to be very puzzled by which D it was!)

I must say, my job has it's perks most days!  And when I want to pull my hair out because a kid is throwing a temper tantrum, or when my bipolar Principal goes crazy, it's little things like this note that make it all worth it.  And apparently my husband is supposed to think I am totally worth it too!

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Anonymous said...

I bet your husbend is greatful your his wife. What a great adventures you have with those sincerely darling kids. It's little moments like these that that make what we do in life worth it. They are easy to miss. Make sure to catch them!!