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Honk Honk

Monday, April 19, 2010

I have a bubble people!

I have a bubble.  I need my personal space, don't get in it and we'll be great friends, but continously get in it and I'll go crazy!  My students know this.  I tell my class this fact every year.  Keep an arms reach away from me.  They have little arms, that's really not asking so much.

So one day one of my most challenging kids, yet also one who has totally wiggled his way into my heart, came into my bubble.  I leaned back and said, "whoa there buddy, you're in my bubble."  What came next almost had me on the floor in laughter.  He steps back slightly, then leans forward, taking his forefinger, and lightly pushing on my shoulder, he says "pop".  Yes, he popped my bubble, and instead of going mad, he had me cracking up!  Good job kid, but seriously give me some space!  ;)

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