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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Oh if I could use a paddle...

I would use it on my teaching partner.  What did you think I would actually use a paddle on a student?  Ok, so I have dreamed about it from time to time, but I always knock some sense into myself.  But right now I would like to use it on my teaching partner.  She's nearing retirement age and I'm amazed that after all of her years of experience teaching, she has NO classroom management!

We have a door that goes in between our two classrooms and every time I walk in there I am baffled at how off the hook her class is.  The sad thing is that there are some really great kids in there, but since there is no classroom management it's like a bunch of monkeys swinging from the trees!  I would NEVER let my class do 1/10th of the things she lets them get away with.  And what's her result?  She spends half her day venting and groaning about how horrible her class is and how I wound up with all the good kids.  I can't honestly believe that the teachers from last year would deliberately set it up so I, the unknown teacher at the time, would get all the good kids.  Her kids could be good if she would put some guidelines on them!  I tell my class at the beginning of every year that if they can prove to me they can handle the little things, we'll have lots of fun with the big things!  I work really hard the first few months of school getting them used to my expectations and by this time of the year, we are having a royal blast of fun!  I love having fun with my class, but when you have 33 students in one classroom, there has to be guidelines for sanity.

Today was over the top for me when I had my students very silently working on a test and I opened her door to hand something over and discovered, they too were taking a test, but kids were roaming around, throwing things, talking, and were SO off task!  Baffling...absolutely baffling.  No wonder parents are requesting to be moved into my classroom mid-year.  I am in no way finding this as a compliment by the way.  I'm just baffled at the lack of classroom management.

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