Honk Honk

Honk Honk

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Now that is H-O-T HOT!

OK, I must say...I saw one of the hottest things I've seen in long time today.

I was walking across the playground going to my classroom and I hear all sorts of fun going on behind me.  Little boys were cheering and having a blast!  So I turn around and what do I see?  Pure hotness.  That's right, pure hotness.

Here was a Dad (who I must say was mighty easy on the eyes) playing basketball with a bunch of 2nd graders in his super nice business suit.  And keep in mind it was a damp foggy day today and the playground was wet, thus making the act of playing basketball a relatively messy activity.

He was really getting into it too and the kids were having a blast.

Like I said...H-O-T HOT!  Smokin' hot!

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