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Friday, October 15, 2010

Bullies - Big and Small

Bullies make me SO mad!  How dare you think you are better than someone and try to boss them around?  My personality doesn't mesh well with bullies, although I doubt many people's do.  But when I see a bully I want to fight back and shove them in a corner.  Granted I can't literally shove them in a corner, but I'd like to!

Today I encountered 2 types of bullies.  The first bully was a 3rd grader out on the playground who asked another boy to see his work.  You could see a sense of pride on the young boy's face and he was eager to show off his work.  As soon he showed it the bully started cackling and being rude.  I gave it a second to see how the other boy was going to react, and to try and figure out if the project was something that is supposed to be funny.  I quickly realized it was not and that the child was just being a bully!  So I jumped in, pulled the bully aside, and scared the living tar out of him.  Do I think it will prevent him from ever being a bully again?  Probably not, but hopefully it at least makes him think.

The other bully I encountered today was a parent.  That's right, a so called ADULT.  She met with me previously this week to try and demand that I move my students out of groups and have all their desks individually placed in my classroom.  After I told her I would NOT change my arrangement and gave evidence of the effectiveness of my teaching strategies, she seemed miffed that she didn't get her way.  I offered moving the placement of her child within his current group and that in 2 weeks we would be getting a new seating chart, and this would provide him the opportunity to gain effective social skills with his peers.  She again contacted me today telling me when SHE was going to have a meeting with ME.  I'm sorry, did we prearrange a meeting?  Did you call my secretary to check my schedule?  Oh wait, I don't have a secretary and NO I am NOT going to meet with you when you demand it.  Yes I am willing to meet to try and best help your child, but we need to BOTH agree to a time and date.  She then called the office and DEMANDED that I call her at lunch.  So what did I do?  Ate my lunch in peace and waited until after school to call her and let her know that I'd be happy to meet and we needed to arrange a time that works for both of us.

The world encounters all types of bullies, and sadly there are many adult bullies out there.  I'm sure you know at least one!

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