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Honk Honk

Monday, March 29, 2010

Confession...I was a tattle tale!

Even my Kindergarten report card proves it, I was a tattle tale, or as my teacher so gently put it I was "a reporter".  Now that I am a teacher, I know that was her nice way of saying that in all honesty, I was just a big fat tattle tale.  I don't know when it started and I don't know what my motive was behind it.  Maybe I was just such the goody-two-shoes that I felt the need to share every detail about everyone else.  I am the baby of my family, and only having my older brother to bug and torment, I felt the need to follow him around, and since he was quite mischievous and I was always the "good kid", I must have also felt the need to "report".  I know it drove my mother crazy and now that I'm a teacher I KNOW it drove my teachers crazy!  But, I must confess, I was that tattle tale, and apparently I still am because I feel the need to "report" some of the events of my teaching career!  My mother has always said I needed to write a book, so instead, I start my quest for tattle tale treasures through this blog.  But I really felt the need before I started to at least confess, I was that tattling child!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice introduction. I never thought of the inherited characteristics turning my wife into a natural tattle tale. It makes sense! Keep it up sweetheart! I like it.